Tripping over to Ars!

February 6, 2013 at 9:11 pm (SecondLife Art) (, , , , , , , )

Duchess and Gopu

After reading about the mind melting experience of the new “Metamorphosis” art installation by Thoth Jantzen, Gopu and I rallied the troops and we headed to Ars Simulacra to have our virtual minds blow. I mean really…. who wouldn’t run at the chance for some good ole fashioned mind melting? With wine in hand we TP’d to the SIM and awaited the arrival of our good friends, Taz and London, as visions of mushrooms danced in our heads……


We chose to visit the Matrix first and it ended up being one of my favorite destinations of the night. It seemed everyone saw something different on their screens which was probably attributed to different Windlight settings, but what I saw was shiny gold tubes and a vast universe of colors. It was positively beautiful!


As we moved around the room I noticed that we seemed to be changing sizes. Taz was so tiny she could have fit in my hand! Guess that would have been a cool shot…. oh well… I was distracted by the colors and the wine…. and the mind melting experience. *smirk

The installation takes place in six separate areas and everyone is equipped with an easy to navigate clickable destination teleporter. The wormy pretzel yoga position the teleporter tosses your avatar into before your departure is worth the trip alone!

Duchess Colors

There are no lack of colors in this wild trip through time and space! Grab some friends and head on over and check out “Metamorphosis” – it’s a trippy trip! The creativity of the installation coupled with wonderful friends will make for a great night!



  • DRESS: League – Sinaed Dress (Black)

  • BOOTS: League – Sinaed Boots (Black)

  • HAIR: TRUTH Hair – Lilia (Oasis)

  • EARRINGS: Zaara – Atiriya Stone Earrings (Onyx) NEW

  • BRACELET: Earthstones – Tarnished Gypsy Bangles (Silver/Smoke)

  • NECKLACE: Earthstones – Caged Heart (Silver)

  • SKIN: League – Isla Pale Deep Smoke NEW (Brunette)

  • LIPSTICK: League – Isla Lipstick NEW (Aubergine)


  • TUX: Utopia – Black Falcon
  • SHOES: Inedit – Footwear (041 Redford)
  • HAIR: Damselfly – Ryan (Brown – Driftwood Warm)
  • SKIN: Tellaq – Style 12 (Old Version)



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  1. Ace said,

    Added to my list of hot spots to check out awesome thanks so much for the wonderful info. Outstanding job with this page.

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