surréaliste cirque

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surréaliste cirque

When I was little I wanted to join the circus…. not like…. run away and join the circus (my parents would surely have been invited to come see me) but I just wanted to be IN the circus. I had an adorable Shetland pony with the thickest most amazing flaxen mane that almost hit the ground… I would practice my circus tricks on her every day…. for certainly Ringling Brothers would call any day! Ringling Brothers never called, but I did end up riding on a mounted drill team when I got a little older, retired my pony (since my feet were inches above the ground – at this point I looked more clownish!) and got my first real sized horse.

This picture is attributed to my childhood dreams. Second Life is an amazing vehicle for breathing life into our dreams! That… coupled with the Funny Puppet Fair …. has brought my dream into existence… or into my virtual life anyway! 😛



  • OUTFIT/SKIN: Evilkyoot ~ Clown Puppet Outfit ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair
  • SHOES: Grim Bros. ~ California Dreaming Vintage Hippie Ankle Boots
  • STOCKINGS: Grim Bros. ~ Flower Power Stockings
  • TOP HAT: Grim Bros. ~ From the Happy Eyesore Dress Set
  • HAIR: ploom ~ Isa {Candy} ~NEW~
  • LIPSTICK: Pink Acid ~ Juicy Fruit Lips {Orange}
  • PARASOL & ICE CREAM: chanimations ~ Lace Parasol (from Tight Ropes Set) and Ice Cream Cone (Group Gift)
  • SEAHORSE: That Chick ~ Mystery the SeaHorse ~ From the Key of Hope Hunt <Past Event>
  • BRACELETS: Maxi Gossamer ~ Sugar Candy {The Oranges}
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer ~ Keshi Pearl Heart
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer ~ Key to My Heart {Ruby Red}
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer ~ Pearl Daisies {Pink Pearls/Gold}
  • NECKLACE: Phoebe ~ Sweet Heart Necklace Mesh ~ NEW ~ Available at the Flawless Sale
  • POSES: Le Poppycock ~ Funny Puppet Fair Pose {Trapped Heart, White Thread and Decayed Innocence} ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair


  • CLOCK: Roawenwood ~ Bitter Walnut Grandfather Clock (from past Home & Garden Expo – Check main store)
  • CUP & COOKIE: LISP ~ Charlotte Nerd Teacup (I resized…a lot)
  • GRAMOPHONE: Senzafine ~ Gloomy Sunday
  • WOODEN DUCKS: 22769 ~ Wood Duck (from past Home & Garden Expo – Check main store)

And for the Tuneage…… Agent Ribbons playing Chelsea, Let’s Go Join the Circus!

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DeVine Spirit

April 14, 2013 at 7:16 am (iheartslFeed, Immersive Art Exhibition, Pre-Release Event, Second Life Events, SecondLife Art) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

DeVine Spirit

Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.

~Hans Christian Anderson ~

Pre-Release Session 9 opens today bringing a host of designs with an earthy feel! This floral creation by AvaGirl delicately envelopes the form with a bouquet of smexy earthen appeal! The outfit is available in 4 color palettes, each using different flower arrangements. Above is DeVine Spirit which consists of beautiful purples that are a bit brighter in most WL settings than what is shown. The adorable vines that wrap my arms are from AvaGirl’s second Pre-Release design, Flower Girl, which consists of four silks fashioned to match each of our earthy seasons. All items at Pre-Release are drastically reduced in price for two weeks and after the event they can be found at the stores regular rates at each of the designer’s outlets. So what are you waiting for…. get your earth groove on at the Pre-Release Event!


  • DRESS: AvaGirl– DeVine Spirit- NEW – Available at Pre-Release Event
  • ARM VINES: AvaGirl – 4 Seasons Silks (Part of Flower Girl – Spring Outfit) – NEW – Available at Pre-Release Event
  • HEELS: [Gos] Boutique – Grace Sandals (Gold Snake)
  • WINGS: Fancy Fairy – Kira Scripted Wings (White/Gold)

  • HAIR: D!va Hair – Marie (Cat’s Eye)

  • HAIR ACCESSORY: Caverna Obscura – Elven Hair Sticks w/ leaves (FREE)

  • HAIR ACCESSORY: Boudoir – Immersive Headpiece NEW (FREE gift from Immersive Art Exhibition)

  • EYELASHES: Nikita Fride – Long EyeLashes (Botanical)

  • BRACELETS: Earthstones – Dazzle Bracelet (Diamond/Sapphire) and Siobhan Bracelet

  • NECKLACE and EARRINGS: Earthstones – Love Always Jewelry Set (Champagne/Platinum)

  • BANGLES: Maxi Gossamer – Boho Bangles (24ct Solid Gold)
  • POSE: Del May– Sidle – NEW

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Mermaid Diaries: Chapter One (Con’t)

April 11, 2013 at 9:56 pm (Mermaid Diaries, Pre-Release Event, Second Life Events, SecondLife Art) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )


Duchess laid motionless on the edge of the surf following a brutal marathon swim that ended at the land of Loki. She felt a presence but was too washed-out to care and again the world went dark.

You Found Me

Gentle arms encircled her body and she was slowly lifted out of the water. A soothing voice entranced her and she awoke in the arms of her hero.

To Be Continued…

The poses in the above story use the first set in a series of poses by elephante poses from the new Storybook Pose Collection. There will be 10 items total per chapter and the above pose, You Found Me, is part of Chapter One and is currently on sale at the Pre-Release event this round! I can’t wait to see where and how my story unfolds! Stay Tuned!



  • SHIRT: Guarded Cross – Black Leather Shirt
  • PANTS: Utopia – Leon (Black)
  • BOOTS: Gabriel – Black Opal Laced Boot
  • RING: On a Lark – Lover’s Ring His: My Heart Belongs to Her – NEW
  • HAIR: Emo-tions – Martin (Black)


To Read the story up to date click here

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Chapter One: Mermaid Diaries

April 9, 2013 at 10:35 am (Mermaid Diaries, Pre-Release Event, Second Life Events, SecondLife Art) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )


Duchess circled the cave twice with a heavy heart and as she reached the opening she couldn’t help but turn back. Sadness crept though her like an ink spot in calm water slowly enveloping her courage.

The rays of sunlight that penetrated the deep waters beckoned her upward. Ahead laid the greatest journey of her long life. With the strength of Zeus in her fins and Aphrodite in her heart, Duchess left the safe sanctuary of her abode.

Slowly she ascended from the depths of the cold dark sea following her heart upward to the oxygen filled world of the finless creatures known to those in the deep as Loki.
Duchess Emerging

Duchess raised her hands to the sun breaking the surf …. her fingers dripped with freedom.

To Be Continued……

The poses in the above story use the first set in a series of poses by elephante poses from the new Storybook Pose Collection. There will be 10 items total per chapter and the above poses, Surfacing, are part of Chapter One and are being sold at the Pre-Release event this round! I can’t wait to see where and how my story unfolds! Stay Tuned!


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The Neva River Journey

March 23, 2013 at 9:40 pm (Second Life Events, SecondLife Art) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )


Neva has opened her sim, Neva River, to the public for ten days to share a very personal landscape that paints a picture of what seems to portray her inner peace. The sim is beautifully constructed with natural textures that float from hills to valleys to rivers and sea. As I walked around the sim feelings of solace and peace enveloped me. It was as if I was able to walk around the world that Neva captures so beautifully in her images and was able to harness her artistic soul for a fleeting glimpse. The feelings that are conjured while viewing her 2 dimensional images have become a 3-D experience…. at least for me. Each new corner hid away another viewer, usually alone, sitting in silence…. taking it all in…becoming one with pixel nature. I totally understood her personal journey. Well done Neva. Bravo.

Neva is hosting a photography contest for images taken at Neva River – information can be found at How Neva Sees It

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Tripping over to Ars!

February 6, 2013 at 9:11 pm (SecondLife Art) (, , , , , , , )

Duchess and Gopu

After reading about the mind melting experience of the new “Metamorphosis” art installation by Thoth Jantzen, Gopu and I rallied the troops and we headed to Ars Simulacra to have our virtual minds blow. I mean really…. who wouldn’t run at the chance for some good ole fashioned mind melting? With wine in hand we TP’d to the SIM and awaited the arrival of our good friends, Taz and London, as visions of mushrooms danced in our heads……


We chose to visit the Matrix first and it ended up being one of my favorite destinations of the night. It seemed everyone saw something different on their screens which was probably attributed to different Windlight settings, but what I saw was shiny gold tubes and a vast universe of colors. It was positively beautiful!


As we moved around the room I noticed that we seemed to be changing sizes. Taz was so tiny she could have fit in my hand! Guess that would have been a cool shot…. oh well… I was distracted by the colors and the wine…. and the mind melting experience. *smirk

The installation takes place in six separate areas and everyone is equipped with an easy to navigate clickable destination teleporter. The wormy pretzel yoga position the teleporter tosses your avatar into before your departure is worth the trip alone!

Duchess Colors

There are no lack of colors in this wild trip through time and space! Grab some friends and head on over and check out “Metamorphosis” – it’s a trippy trip! The creativity of the installation coupled with wonderful friends will make for a great night!



  • DRESS: League – Sinaed Dress (Black)

  • BOOTS: League – Sinaed Boots (Black)

  • HAIR: TRUTH Hair – Lilia (Oasis)

  • EARRINGS: Zaara – Atiriya Stone Earrings (Onyx) NEW

  • BRACELET: Earthstones – Tarnished Gypsy Bangles (Silver/Smoke)

  • NECKLACE: Earthstones – Caged Heart (Silver)

  • SKIN: League – Isla Pale Deep Smoke NEW (Brunette)

  • LIPSTICK: League – Isla Lipstick NEW (Aubergine)


  • TUX: Utopia – Black Falcon
  • SHOES: Inedit – Footwear (041 Redford)
  • HAIR: Damselfly – Ryan (Brown – Driftwood Warm)
  • SKIN: Tellaq – Style 12 (Old Version)



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State of mind at the time…..

November 18, 2012 at 8:45 am (SecondLife Art)

Flyer Solaris Island

Tonight is an art opening at Solaris Island featuring the beautiful images of Sadbab Shan. Sadbab’s works of art are complex juxtapositions of items in a dream like state. The show seems to have a very personal meaning and I encourage everyone to check it out.

Show runs to Sunday December 2nd.

 Here is Your Taxi




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Rolling in the Deep

March 3, 2011 at 1:04 pm (SecondLife Art, SecondLife Music & Fashion)

Lexi created a video using one of my favorite Adele songs and I wanted to share it here. This video has a very personal story behind it that is sad enough to bring tears to the eyes of the hardened. I’m left wondering what became of this man and if he understands the real pain he caused this very real person. So without further ado, here is Rolling in the Deep, tuneage that makes my heart melt!

And Lexi … your day will come and it will be bigger and more grand!


Duchess & Gopu


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Film d’animation

November 13, 2010 at 9:46 am (SecondLife Art, SecondLife Music & Fashion) (, , , , )

This was so much fun! CreAttitude is so creative and the final product is better than imagined! I squealed when I found it was uploaded today! So your tuneage for today is our thrilling performance of Michael Jackson!

* giant grins *



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Lady Carmagnolle

May 18, 2010 at 10:05 am (SecondLife Art, SecondLife Music & Fashion)

A beautiful poem machinima by Bryn Oh. Second Life is such a great vehicle for expression!



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