Duchess of the Jungle

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I just learned that I am one of the two July Flickr Photo winners for Collisions! How cool is that! Collisions makes this henna tattoo I am wearing, Lalita Chameli Tattoo. It is one of my favorite tattoos because the design seems to flow and evolve in just the right places adding a delicate touch to even the harshest warrior princess * grins * The outfit by The Plastik are the other creative factors in the image…. and since I have purchased another in white, more will come. Obviously more will come from Collisions as well…. blogging is terribly expensive so the store credit I just won totally rocks my socks…. or in this case tattoo! The image was taken while experimenting with WL and shadow settings… I still have a long way to go to match much of the awesomeness I see on Flickr…. but the challenge is half the fun (insert groaning graphics card here!) One day grasshopper…. one day. * smiles *


  • BODY JEWELRY: The Plastik– The Naamah Body Jewelry (Ember)
  • TATTOO: CoLLisions – Lalita Chameli Tattoo
  • HAIR: The Plastik– The Naamah Hair (Coll. 1)
  • FACIAL PIERCINGS: Phoebe– Unisexy Face Piercings Q6 (Black/11 Gems)
  • EARS: MW ilweran – elven/elf/fairy ears – Windlow Set
  • LIPSTICK: League – Isla Lipstick (Cappucino)
  • POSE & SPEAR PROP: F*cking Ninjas – Welcome to the Jungle + Spear

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Dippin' Donuts

Oh great Godiva, dolls! Today is the grand opening of the much anticipated Food Fair and I can say without hesitation…. but possibly with a full mouth of luscious crème brule… it will not disappoint! The culinary treats and designs by our virtual epicureans are nothing short of an indulgence! The excitement on the sim is apparent as foodies and edible fetish connoisseurs race from one shop to another to refuel their cravings! Carb loading is finally in fashion and gluttony is only a waistline sin offline! Heavens to Betsy what are you waiting for!?! Chocolate and all things edible and wearable are only a click away! Get ready to glut! Fair runs from July 19 to August 4.

Your Taxi Awaits.




  • CORSET: MV Alternative Fashions ~ Cirque Corsest ~ NEW ~ Available at Food Fair
  • SKIRT: COCO ~ Ruffle Skirt Lace ~ FREE
  • SHOES: Maitreya ~ Salience ~ Entire store is 50 to 75% off Today!
  • HAIR: D!va ~ Vivienne
  • HEADBAND: Sugar ~ Yummy Bites Headband ~ NEW ~ GACHA ~ Available at Food Fair
  • TATTOO: CoLLisions ~ Lalita Chameli
  • BANGLES: Maxi Gossamer ~ Pitch Black Dare
  • BANGLES: Maxi Gossamer ~ Sweet Rocker
  • RING: Mmm…Kay! ~ Swirled Lollipop Ring ~ NEW ~ Available at Food Fair
  • MOUTH COOKIE: Pink Acid ~ Chocolate Cookie & Chocolate Smear ~ NEW ~ Available at Food Fair
  • NAILS: Orc Inc ~ Slink Avatar Enhancement Nails ~ NEW ~ Available at Food Fair
  • EYESHADOW: a.e.meth ~ Cheetah Liner + Eyeshadow ~ NEW

I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow!  I want Candy! I want Candy! 😛

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Sweet Fantasy

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Me, Roux & SiennaI just finished decorating the living room of another build by Little One, Sorrow’s Sweet Fantasy Cottage with a little help from Roux and Sierra and wanted to share an image of the living room.

Sweet Fantasy Cottage

I really like the way it looks with Spargel & Shine’s couches. I’m going for a real-life fantasy feel (if that makes any sense!) and these couches combine both those elements and pull the home from going too far to the fantasy side. I love it! Roux and Sierra concur! We have a winner!

Another Home & Garden Expo hit!



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Me Roux….and Sienna too!

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Me Roux!

Ah Saturday! I just love the weekend! I finally have time to kick back with two of the newest members to our little Ippos family! As you know the Home & Garden Expo also includes two sims dedicated to the Breedables Fair and early on I planned to chose our first breedable pets. After careful consideration and well…. lets be honest… cuteness upon cuteness…. I chose a pair of Meeroos. The handsome devil on the table is Roux, a Siver Tide Elduris, and in my arms is the precious prince Sienna, a Winecoat Pine Meeroo. They are both 6 days old now and beginning to get a personality, or… at least I think so. As an added bonus the hud keeps your brain exercised with trivia from the oracle….. who knew dolphins slept with one eye open!! I guess that makes purchasing a Meeroo a smart choice LOL! The Home & Garden Expo and Breedable Fair closes tomorrow so be sure to check out the Breedable’s sim… you may just HAVE to take home a new member of the family! 😛



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For more informaton or to participate in STAND4LOVE please check out their blog. If you create a STAND4LOVE image leave the url in the comments so I can Love it, Like It and Follow you!





  • SHIRT: Guarded Cross ~ Black Leather Shirt
  • JEANS: Aoharu ~ Vintage Denim {Blue/Skull}
  • HAIR: Dura-Game ~ o2 {Black}
  • BOOTS: REDGRAVE ~ Survivor Boots Cotton {Camel}
  • RING: Earthstones – Devotion Men’s Wedding Ring {White Gold} – NEW

POSE: F*cking Ninjas ~ Watched ~ NEW ~

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Welcome to the Jungle

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The 2013 Fantasy Faire has officially kicked off and there is no shortage of fantasy fashions, items, poses, accessories and landscapes on the grid today! This unbelievable effort of combined talents has given us not one, but 10 virtual showrooms to gather the coolest, most up-to-date fantasy creations we can get our mystical hands on… all the while supporting the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer!

This event really touches my heart. I lost my beautiful brother, David, to lung cancer. I cannot even begin to describe how this horrible disease changed my life, but I can tell you that I feel as though part of my soul was ripped out the day David died. So I am posting my Fantasy Faire images in honor of my brother David. My smile. My heart. And my soul. Namaste. They may not have been created by the most talented photographer in Second Life…. but they have been created with a love so strong and pure…. they could only send out waves of positive energy to those who need it most.

Conjure the Magic! Finish the Fight!


Welcome to the Jungle

I am kicking off the event with one of the Feature Creators of Fantasy Faire, F*cking Ninjas! These mad girls have been burning the midnight oil for the last few weeks conjuring up exclusive poses for this event and I can tell you without hesitation they are phenomenal! The above pose, Welcome to the Jungle, comes with the spear prop and is just one of the many exclusive poses I plan to share this week.

So head over to Ravenshard, jump on the book shelves and check out their Ninja skills!
Naamah's Kiss

The Facial Piercings in the above image are from designer Pheobe. The piercings are available until Suday at Acid Lily Gallery for 50L!!! The detail on the piercings is incredible and the hud not only lets you choose metals and gems but also allows you to add shadows for a more realistic look! They rock!


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