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Those Mad Girls of F*cking Ninjas have released this amazing prop and pose set aptly called, Temptation. The poses are incredibly fluid and I love the curvaceousness of the female pose in the tree. This story is a darkened version of a tale that has been told throughout centuries of a temptation that was taken which has forever darkened the soul. A betrayal that burns so deep it seems to affect all of mankind and each tear shed in remembrance of the forbidden act rips one from believing there is anything good left in humanity. A jolt of reality… a broken heart… a mass of shadowy torment lay in the wake….and a smug sprite that continues with destructive and manipulative ways…. selfishly gloating….self absorbed…lost in ego… we are only human after all.




  • TOP: Cheerno ~ Deuil Murv (Item is in clearance room for 50L)
  • LOIN CLOTH: Na’vi Bliss ~ Flicker Loin
  • HAIR: Exile ~ AJ {Sable}
  • HORNS: Illusions ~ Nivicola Horns
  • FACE TATTOO: White Widow ~ July Men Gift ~ Free Group Gift ~


  • F*cking Ninjas ~ Temptation (2 Person) Pose with Tree + Apple ~ NEW ~


Good (Adam & Eve) by Matthew West and Leigh Nash from Sixpence None The Richer

Can you hear us cry… wishing we could turn back time?

If I could, I’d rewrite history

I’d choose differently; if I could, I would

I’d leave out the part where I broke your heart

in the garden’s shade, fix the mess I made

If I could, I would


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For more informaton or to participate in STAND4LOVE please check out their blog. If you create a STAND4LOVE image leave the url in the comments so I can Love it, Like It and Follow you!





  • SHIRT: Guarded Cross ~ Black Leather Shirt
  • JEANS: Aoharu ~ Vintage Denim {Blue/Skull}
  • HAIR: Dura-Game ~ o2 {Black}
  • BOOTS: REDGRAVE ~ Survivor Boots Cotton {Camel}
  • RING: Earthstones – Devotion Men’s Wedding Ring {White Gold} – NEW

POSE: F*cking Ninjas ~ Watched ~ NEW ~

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It’s a Mad World….

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Braided Courage

Gopu and I were checking out the super cool monochromatic NV Madworld sim art and I snapped some pictures as we played on the dangerous boxes and teased the black crow in the shop. Ah… now that is living on the edge! We will definitely be returning to take photos outside in the surreal landscape. Fantastic white grass, floating bubbles, drops of suspended water and dark abstract art. Swing by and check it out if you haven’t it is a great place for a photo shoot.

This Pre-Release round’s theme is Designers Choice and there is a virtual smorgasbord of designs awaiting your lindens! Every item at Pre-Release is 125L or less … more bang for your buck! I adore this tied top and skirt outfit from FireBird Designs! The skull on the mesh shirt stole my little pixel heart! Smexy! I am also wearing Pre-Release jewelry from Pheobe and Pomposity. A fabulous lady bug ring and a scorpion necklace that dangerously hangs between my girls. I’m smitten!

Let Them Eat Crow

Gopu’s dotted shirt is also from this round of Pre-Release. The mesh shirt is extremely well made and the texture is unbelievably realistic in world. Doesn’t he look hot! Smirk





  • SHIRT: Noise – Dotted Dress Shirt (Black) – NEW – Only Available at Pre-Release Event
  • PANTS: Utopia – Leon (Black)
  • BOOTS: Gabriel – Black Opal Laced Boot
  • RING: On a Lark – Lover’s Ring His: My Heart Belongs to Her – NEW
  • HAIR: Emo-tions – Martin (Black)

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The Thrill of Victory!

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Mayan Dress1

Celebrating the spoils of victory! The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior by MadPea Production is one of their best hunts/puzzles/games yet! And the prizes upon completion are treasures to our inventory! Giant thanks to my friend Indigo who helped me persevere and kept me from giving up when my pixel legs were tired and frustrated. Meow!





  • SHIRT: Hoorenbeek – Shirt (Beige)
  • PANTS: Tonktastic – Cargo Pants – Mesh – (Unicolor) – NEW
  • BAG: House of Curious – Leather Messenger Bag
  • BELT: Indiana Jones Belt – Marketplace
  • HAT: Vania ForcellaIndy’s Fedora
  • SHOES: Romah – Oak Boots (Brown) – NEW

Beach Bond

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Sexy in Flannel

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Duchess in PJs

There is something totally sexy about this long night shirt from D&G Fashions …. Sure lingerie is fun to wear and definitely lets your partner know your intent….

but the sweet soft pajama will make just about any man drop to his knees….. just ask Gopu *Wicked Grins*

Sassy Girl
…. throw in a stuffed sheep and well….. maybe he will even get off your side of the bed! LOL

Bed Hog
(It’s true. I live with a bona fide bed hog. )

Mindight Jump

I love wearing soft comfy pajama tops and knee socks… almost as much as I love jumping on the bed!

Never lose your smile or your youth!



  • PAJAMAS: D&G Fashions  – Snuggle Bunneh Pjs – NEW – Available at Pre-Release Event
  • HAIR: TRUTH Hair – Maggie (Champagne)
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer – Venice White Diamond Choker – NEWAvailable at Zodiac Aries Event
  • SHEEP: Adore & Abhor – Aries Sheepie (Strawberry) – NEW (Gacha) – Available at Zodiac Aries Event
  • LIPSTICK: League – Isla Lipstick (Black Cherry Light) – NEW
  • POSE: Exposeur – Confident Aries – Available at Zodiac Aries Event  NEW


  • BOXERS: Aniri’s Boutique – Easter Special – NEW(FREE – Evil Bunny Hunt 3)
  • HAIR: Emo-tions – Martin (Black)


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Quality Control

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Feel My Easter Eggs
This fun Easter pose by elephante poses is aptly called “Feel This” and that is exactly what Gopu is doing…. checking the quality of my Easter eggs of course! The pose is one of the many quality poses that are available at the Evil Bunny Hunt! Elephante poses are the creations of photographer MelissaJeanne Flores and I look forward to bringing you more images of her unique photo quality props and poses!
Smitten for Polkadots
I am wearing an adorable dress from D&G Fashions that is only available at the Pre-Release Event. The checkered waist with the little bunny has to be my favorite part! The totally smexy Pin Up Boots are the latest release from deviousMind and I do believe they are my most favorite item in my inventory right now. I purchased the whole fat pack and cannot wait to share them all!!
Easter Hug
The dock in the images is a PRIME creation and is also from the Evil Bunny Hunt. It is one of the awesome sponsor gifts given upon completion! I have included a couple images of the animations that are included with the dock. The animations are so tender and life like – probably the best couple animations I’ve seen in quite some time….. although we’ve come to expect nothing less from PRIME. Amazingly…. it is free. Go get one! 🙂


  • DRESS: D&G Fashions  – Cute but Deadly – NEW – Available at Pre-Release Event
  • BOOTS: deviousMind – “Peggy Sue” Pin Up Boots (Polkadots) – NEW
  • POSE & PROPS: elephante poses – Feel This – NEW(FREE – Evil Bunny Hunt 3)
  • HAIR: TRUTH Hair – Maggie (Champagne)
  • BUNNY EARS/HAT: deviousMindPart of the Black Rabbit, White Rabbit outfit (Black)
  • GLOVES & STOCKINGS: deviousMind – Part of Mme Chatouille (Black)
  • LIPSTICK: League – Isla Lipstick (Black Cherry Light) – NEW
  • NECKLACE: LeagueVintage Jewelery Set


ITEMS IN PHOTOS (FREE – Evil Bunny Hunt 3) :

  • DOCK: PRIME – Dock – NEW – (FREE – Evil Bunny Hunt 3)
  • BASKET OF EGGS: elephante poses – Better Together Prop & Pose – NEW – (FREE – Evil Bunny Hunt 3)

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Sexual Healing

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Fairy Duchess and Gopu

I love the creative poses by Del May and decided to grab this one and create an image for the Sexual Healing theme for 50 Shades of Sexy. Del has the amazing ability to portray sensuality in static poses, especially the couples poses. The image seemed to create itself and the scenery became more and more fantasy like as the shoot continued.

Duchess and Gopu

The story I told myself was of a damsel fairy in distress who is saved by a darker minotaurish creature in a dark and eerie forest. His sexual powers heals her much like the healing powers of a succubus and she is forever his…… a delicate fairy in the protective hands of her hero. Ah yes… the stuff daytime TV lacks….

Fairy Duchess

The Love Always Necklace set was a Valentine’s Day gift from Gopu. The gift came with a proposal and a beautiful poem that matched my real life Valentine’s Day. We have grown so much since high school and twenty years later we are still the perfect fit… I couldn’t ask for a more splendid Valentine. Gopu… you complete me…. thank you for being my heart, soul and best friend. ❤

Fairy Duchess Standing 2


  • LINGERIE: – Mon Cheri – Sweet Nothings (Nude)

  • WINGS: Fancy Fairy – Kira Scripted Wings (White/Gold)

  • HEELS: REDGRAVE – Doro (12 Colors/Olive) NEW

  • HAIR: D!va– Mayumi3 (Cat’s Eye) – NEW – from COLLABOR88 Event

  • BRACELETS & RING: Earthstones – Dazzle Bracelet (Diamond/Sapphire) and Siobhan Bracelet & Ring Set – NEW

  • NECKLACE and EARRINGS: Earthstones – Love Always Jewelry Set (Champagne/Platinum) – NEW

  • SKIN: League – Isla Pale Deep Smoke – LATEST RELEASE(Brunette)

  • POSES: Chanimations – Juxtapose – Del May’s (Eurydice & Orpheous)



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Pour Some Sugar on Me

February 9, 2013 at 7:58 pm (Blogger Challenge, Holiday Posts) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Donning this sexy new apron lingerie from Blacklace (whodda ever thought the words “sexy” and “lingerie” would ever be used to describe an apron!), I decided to make my other half a batch of sweet love sugar cookies. Empowered by my kitchen lingerie and rolling pin in hand…. I became domesticated!!! Well…. somewhat. After battling away in the kitchen and wearing more ingredients than what ended up in the bowl, I surprised Gopu with the sweetest heart shaped cookies in all of Second Life!

Pour Some Sugar on Me 2

Gopu was very happy with his sweet little domesticated flower…. or flour covered time vixen in this case.

 Pour Some Sugar on Duchess


 Gopu Pours Some Sugar on Duchess

Cue music!     ♪♫ “Pour Some Sugar on Me!”  ♪♫

Now that I have completed this week’s blogger challenge, 50 Shades of Sexy, I can hopefully get Def Leopard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” out of my head! The delightfully naughty stove is a prop from Chanimations ….. my favorite store on the grid full of devious little things for devious little minds! Hope you enjoyed the pictures and don’t worry, the Sexy Little Cook ensemble from Blacklace is not covered in flour and it is deliciously smexy!!

xxx ooo


  • LINGERIE & APRON : Blacklace – Sexy Little Cook– (Red Satin/Black Lace) Tray of Cookies, single cookies and Oven mitt are included with this set – NEW

  • HEELS: G Field – Lady Rose (Black)

  • HAIR: TRUTH Hair – Maggie (Swedish)

  • EARRINGS: Zaara – Atiriya Stone Earrings (Onyx) NEW

  • BRACELET: Earthstones – Dazzle Bracelet (Diamond/Sapphire)

  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer – Key to My Heart (Ruby Red)

  • FLOUR MESS: Snowfeather – Messy Flour

  • SKIN: League – Isla Pale Deep Smoke NEW (Brunette)

  • LIPSTICK: League – Isla Lipstick NEW (Aubergine)

  • CUFFS: & POSE: Chanimations – From Fetish Cabaret – Carousel Horse

  • PROPS & POSES: Chanimations – SunnySideUp – Stove & Poses


  • BATHROBE: Deep Love Tattoo – Dragon Bathrobe (Dark) – Marketplace
  • HAIR: Damselfly – Ryan (Brown – Driftwood Warm)   NEW
  • SKIN: Tellaq – Style 12 (Old Version)


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