The Giggling Elf

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Giggling Elf

Gopu and I have been looking for a nice set of logs with posing animations and I came across this perfect set at Roawenwood with her landscape items. The logs are very comfy, devoid of that annoying blur and the animations fit the scene superbly. The logs are beautiful and create the perfect peaceful ambiance…. but that is NOT all!! Oh no…. there is another reason I am smiling and it is not just because of this super cute outfit from ducknipple! * grins *

Giggling Elf plays

The logs not only have sit animations for singles and couples, but they actually have a playable game of Tic Tac Toe! Avatars are given sticks to use to draw in the dirt and the ground changes as the game is played. This is a great addition to any sim as not only does it give visitors … or goofy elves like me…. a place to sit, but also gives them something to play. I adore this item! Adore, adore, adore!




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Tank Girl

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Tank Girl ~  Hair Fair 2013 Photo Contest

Tank Girl” ranks relatively high on my list of favorite cult movies…. well if I actually had a list it would I should say. I originally watched the movie to see Iggy Pop and Ice-T but soon fell in love with the adorable Lori Petty who plays Rebecca/Tank Girl. I entered this image in the Hair Fair Photo Contest, Movies that Inspire Me. Who wouldn’t be inspired by a defiant girl who lives in a tank, hangs out with genetically modified supersoldiers spliced with kangaroo DNA, dates a mutant named Booga and fights to save the Earth’s water supply…. just sayin’






  • POSE : Created by Me ~ NFS

Bjork’s Army of Me from the Tank Girl Soundtrack:

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excusez mon français

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excusez mon français Today is the opening of the grid wide Excuse My French Hunt which will run until July 17th. The designers participating in this event hail from various parts of the world and are unified by language, specifically…. well… French! So for all things French, put some voulez-vous in your avec moi (yeah I know, that makes no sense :P) and head to the starting point to scoop up some très chic hunt items!

À bientôt!



  • DRESS: Topazia ~ Dessine Moi Paris Dress Mesh ~ NEW ~ Exclusive Item ~ Available at the Excuse My French Hunt (Free)
  • STOCKINGS: Pixel Dolls ~ Elf {White}
  • HAIR: D!va ~ Lili {Cat’sEye} ~ NEW ~ Available at Collabor88
  • SKIN: Kako Folie ~ Sura Geisha ~ NEW ~ Available at the Excuse My French Hunt (Free)
  • LIPSTICK:League~ Isla Lipstick {Aubergine}
  • NAILS: Jamman Jewels ~ Mesh Fingernails ~ NEW ~ Available at the Excuse My French Hunt (Free)
  • UMBRELLA: Le Poppycock ~ Ombrelle ~ NEW ~ Available at the Excuse My French Hunt (Free)
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer ~ Bad Kitty Necklace ~NEW ~ from Limited Bazaar
  • EARRINGS: Maxi Gossamer ~ Venice White Diamond Earrings
  • BRACELET: Mandala ~ Omochi Bracelet {Everest Silver}
  • BRACELET: Zaara ~ Patra Silver Wire Bracelets {clear}
  • POSE: Lost Angel ~ The Diva #10
  • CAROUSEL HORSE: chanimations ~ Carousel Horse (saddle removed in picture)

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Waking Minerva

June 9, 2013 at 6:38 pm (SecondLife Music & Fashion) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

The Arcade Photography Contest - Duchess Flux

Waking Minerva” takes us to ancient Rome and into the vast heavens that house the gods and goddesses. Unicorns greet each day with a rainbow and carefully awake the sleeping Minerva to bring forth knowledge to the masses and spawn creativity among the artists.

I created the image for the Arcade Gacha Photography Contest ….. It didn’t really come out how I intended… but what really ever does 😛 I wanted more strength coming from the unicorn and looking at it now I should have possibly added fog to bring it all together and activate it more. I challenge myself to not use any sort of photo manipulation during processing…. so everything you see in most of my images is exactly what I see in Second Life….such a purist. Maybe I will try this one again since I like the theme and adore this new pose by elephante poses!

Edited to Add ~  Take Two: Changed the image to one with fog… 🙂




Ani Difranco’s “Minerva” off “knuckle down” for your listening pleasure……

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Presenting the Duke and Duchess of Ippos

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Wedding - Our Time Now

The guest list was filled with names of fae friends far and near who gathered to celebrate the joining of two life long friends and lovers, Duchess and Gopu.

Wedding - Forever

The clans of Victoriana, Dalish, Merkitsa and Teleri were well represented and the dark and light settled merrily on neutral ground. Fairies fluttered and goblins gobbled. The event was held on the sacred grounds of Ippos at the Cherry Blossom Place provided by the creative designers of Two Moon Gardens.
Wedding - She's So Lovely

Duchess wore a stunning gown by designer Caverna Obscura and precious roses arranged by Wishbox. As night fell the festivities were a typical all out elven party!

Wedding - I will Follow You Into the Dark

The princess of Elephante lent her posing wand and the event went off with a hitch!



  • OUTFIT: Utopia ~ Richard (Black)
  • HAIR: Dura-Game ~ o2 (Black)
  • RING: Earthstones ~ Devotion Men’s Wedding Ring (White Gold) ~ NEW


May 24th – June 2nd 2013

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Walking on a Dream

May 1, 2013 at 7:54 pm (Collabor88, Pre-Release Event, Second Life Events, XYRoom) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Walking on a Dream

It’s the last round of XYRoom until September so shake a leg and head on over to the showroom – get your lindens ready for a fun round of gacha! All items are under 100L and the super sweet elephante pose shown here, Walking On A Dream, is a mere 50L a chance. The may flowers come in an array of dishy colors and the yellow flowers in the image are a rare find for one lucky duck!

Pre-release has launched it’s 10th round and the theme revolves around Mothers Day. The adorable mesh dress I am wearing by Sacred Dreams states, “Keep Calm ’cause I love you, Mom.” Pomposity’s Motherly Love Necklace comes in two endearing styles … guaranteed to make your favorite SL mom tear! May is definitely the month for moms on SL!



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Spring Flowers

March 14, 2013 at 9:54 pm (Collabor88, iheartslFeed, Pre-Release Event, Second Life Events) (, , , , , , , , , )


I couldn’t resist another hair design by D!va and sprinted over to the Collabor88 Event and grabbed her new Flora creation. I love D!va hair, just adore it. I am such a sucker for wispy hair! The hair has color changing flowers and ribbon and you can wear it with or without the accessories. This one is a must have ladies!


Wouldn’t you know it…. right next to the D!va display was Maxi Gossamer’s jewelery and you guessed it….. I purchased a piece…. okay, I purchased two… but the price was so incredible I couldn’t resist! I am hooked on MG!

Speaking of incredible prices be sure to check out the Pre-Release Event! This super sweet spring dress by Fallen Dreams is a perfect companion to the new D!va hair! There are only a few days left so get on it! Everything at Pre-Release is 125L or less!!!



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