All That Glitters….

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All That Glitters

I wanted to share another dress from the Flux Event that will be closing at the end of this month. This creative dress is the original work of the amazing Dead Dollz. The fluid lines and the meshy goodness make this imaginative design come to life. I stopped in at Del May to grab a pose and found myself playing on all the pose stands to see how the dress stood up to the stretching. This gown does some pretty amazing stretching! I would love to see a Tango applier for it! This sparkling diamond is money, honey! * swak *



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Fifth Element ~ Hair Fair 2013 Photo Contest


I thought I would share one of my entries in the Hair Fair 2013 Photo Contest tonight. The deadline to enter is tonight at midnight so hurry and get your entries in! This years theme is “Movies that Inspire Me.” This entry is obviously the Fifth Element. How could the reanimated cells of an ancient wrapped up in the adorable LeeLou character not be inspirational! Leeloo single-handedly defeats several Mangalores, learns an entire language in hours and then ends up saving Earth.





  • OUTFIT: Rosie’s ~Rosie’s Thermal Bands~
  • HAIR: Ploom ~ OMG Wind {Indecisive}
  • DIRT: ViGo ~ Dirt All Over {Multiple Layers}
  • EYESHADOW & LINER: a.e.meth ~ Cheetah Liner & Eyeshadow {Silver} ~ NEW ~ Available at Numberology Event
  • LIPSTICK:League~ Isla Lipstick {Bonus w/ Isla Skin}
  • EYELASHES: Izzie’s ~ Eyelashes v1.08 ~ NEW ~ Available at Numberology Event
  • HANDS: Slink ~ Splayed


  • POSE : Created by Me ~ NFS

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Welcome to the Jungle

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The 2013 Fantasy Faire has officially kicked off and there is no shortage of fantasy fashions, items, poses, accessories and landscapes on the grid today! This unbelievable effort of combined talents has given us not one, but 10 virtual showrooms to gather the coolest, most up-to-date fantasy creations we can get our mystical hands on… all the while supporting the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer!

This event really touches my heart. I lost my beautiful brother, David, to lung cancer. I cannot even begin to describe how this horrible disease changed my life, but I can tell you that I feel as though part of my soul was ripped out the day David died. So I am posting my Fantasy Faire images in honor of my brother David. My smile. My heart. And my soul. Namaste. They may not have been created by the most talented photographer in Second Life…. but they have been created with a love so strong and pure…. they could only send out waves of positive energy to those who need it most.

Conjure the Magic! Finish the Fight!


Welcome to the Jungle

I am kicking off the event with one of the Feature Creators of Fantasy Faire, F*cking Ninjas! These mad girls have been burning the midnight oil for the last few weeks conjuring up exclusive poses for this event and I can tell you without hesitation they are phenomenal! The above pose, Welcome to the Jungle, comes with the spear prop and is just one of the many exclusive poses I plan to share this week.

So head over to Ravenshard, jump on the book shelves and check out their Ninja skills!
Naamah's Kiss

The Facial Piercings in the above image are from designer Pheobe. The piercings are available until Suday at Acid Lily Gallery for 50L!!! The detail on the piercings is incredible and the hud not only lets you choose metals and gems but also allows you to add shadows for a more realistic look! They rock!


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I was so excited when League announced the release of the hand and feet textures for Slink products. I raced to the phone to share my excitement with friends! Finally the end to the tedious “control freak” skin matching events! You can now perfectly match your League skin to your hands and feet with a newly developed system from Slink. You simply wear the Hud and click – like magic your hands match the skin you are wearing! smitten kitten!
Love Your Mother

If you purchased your Slink hands and feet before April 5, 2013 you will need to head to Slink and use the redelivery terminal to get an updated set in order for the HUD to work. For some reason my feet did not appear in the terminal, but thankfully my hands were there (If this happens to you send a notecard to Siddean Munro and she will send you the update, same with transactions made on marketplace )
Call Me Maybe

While at League be sure to grab the free french manicure applier. The Slink system has fingernail and glove appliers as well as stockings and toenails! I am stoked! To see if your skin designer has developed textures you can check the Slink Website. If you don’t see your skin designer listed be sure to contact them and send them to this page.

The poses in the above photos are from elephante poses, one of the best posing shops on grid! The beautiful fan ring is by the incredibly talented Pheobe and the darling charm bracelet (I adore this bracelet) is from Pomposity; both are available for a limited time at this round of Pre-Release! The theme of this round is aptly called “Earth” and FiEND created the awesome mesh T-Shirt for the event! Get yours today!

Happy Shopping!


  • T-SHIRT: FIEND– Mother Earth (Mesh) – NEW – Only Available at Pre-Release Event
  • SKIRT: Blow-Up – Miniskirt Zipped (Dirty Black)
  • BOOTS: Duh! – Women’s Cowboy Boots (Crimson)
  • HAIR: D!va Hair – Naomi (Cat’s Eye) – FREE (Group Gift)
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer – Crystal Glass Teardrop–From FaMESHed EventNEW
  • RING: Pheobe– Flamenco Fan Ring – NEW – Available at Pre-Release Event
  • EARRINGS: Pheobe – Flamenco Fan Jewelry Set – NEW – Available at Pre-Release Event
  • BRACELET: Pomposity – Spring Charm Bracelet– NEW – Only Available at Pre-Release Event
  • RING: Maxi Gossamer – Pearl Daisies (Pink Pearls/Silver)
  • HANDS: – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand (Elegant)
  • HAND TEXTURE: League – Slink Hand Texture Applier Hud (Pale) – NEW
  • NAILS: League – Natural French Manicure Fingernail Applier – NEW –FREE GIFT
  • SKIN: League – Skin Isla Pale (Deep Smoke Special Edition)
  • LIPSTICK: League – Isla Lipstick (Black Cherry)
  • POSES & PHONE PROP: elephante poses – Call Me Maybe – NEW

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The Neva River Journey

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Neva has opened her sim, Neva River, to the public for ten days to share a very personal landscape that paints a picture of what seems to portray her inner peace. The sim is beautifully constructed with natural textures that float from hills to valleys to rivers and sea. As I walked around the sim feelings of solace and peace enveloped me. It was as if I was able to walk around the world that Neva captures so beautifully in her images and was able to harness her artistic soul for a fleeting glimpse. The feelings that are conjured while viewing her 2 dimensional images have become a 3-D experience…. at least for me. Each new corner hid away another viewer, usually alone, sitting in silence…. taking it all in…becoming one with pixel nature. I totally understood her personal journey. Well done Neva. Bravo.

Neva is hosting a photography contest for images taken at Neva River – information can be found at How Neva Sees It

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