Chapter One: Mermaid Diaries

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Duchess circled the cave twice with a heavy heart and as she reached the opening she couldn’t help but turn back. Sadness crept though her like an ink spot in calm water slowly enveloping her courage.

The rays of sunlight that penetrated the deep waters beckoned her upward. Ahead laid the greatest journey of her long life. With the strength of Zeus in her fins and Aphrodite in her heart, Duchess left the safe sanctuary of her abode.

Slowly she ascended from the depths of the cold dark sea following her heart upward to the oxygen filled world of the finless creatures known to those in the deep as Loki.
Duchess Emerging

Duchess raised her hands to the sun breaking the surf …. her fingers dripped with freedom.

To Be Continued……

The poses in the above story use the first set in a series of poses by elephante poses from the new Storybook Pose Collection. There will be 10 items total per chapter and the above poses, Surfacing, are part of Chapter One and are being sold at the Pre-Release event this round! I can’t wait to see where and how my story unfolds! Stay Tuned!


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