surréaliste cirque

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surréaliste cirque

When I was little I wanted to join the circus…. not like…. run away and join the circus (my parents would surely have been invited to come see me) but I just wanted to be IN the circus. I had an adorable Shetland pony with the thickest most amazing flaxen mane that almost hit the ground… I would practice my circus tricks on her every day…. for certainly Ringling Brothers would call any day! Ringling Brothers never called, but I did end up riding on a mounted drill team when I got a little older, retired my pony (since my feet were inches above the ground – at this point I looked more clownish!) and got my first real sized horse.

This picture is attributed to my childhood dreams. Second Life is an amazing vehicle for breathing life into our dreams! That… coupled with the Funny Puppet Fair …. has brought my dream into existence… or into my virtual life anyway! 😛



  • OUTFIT/SKIN: Evilkyoot ~ Clown Puppet Outfit ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair
  • SHOES: Grim Bros. ~ California Dreaming Vintage Hippie Ankle Boots
  • STOCKINGS: Grim Bros. ~ Flower Power Stockings
  • TOP HAT: Grim Bros. ~ From the Happy Eyesore Dress Set
  • HAIR: ploom ~ Isa {Candy} ~NEW~
  • LIPSTICK: Pink Acid ~ Juicy Fruit Lips {Orange}
  • PARASOL & ICE CREAM: chanimations ~ Lace Parasol (from Tight Ropes Set) and Ice Cream Cone (Group Gift)
  • SEAHORSE: That Chick ~ Mystery the SeaHorse ~ From the Key of Hope Hunt <Past Event>
  • BRACELETS: Maxi Gossamer ~ Sugar Candy {The Oranges}
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer ~ Keshi Pearl Heart
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer ~ Key to My Heart {Ruby Red}
  • NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer ~ Pearl Daisies {Pink Pearls/Gold}
  • NECKLACE: Phoebe ~ Sweet Heart Necklace Mesh ~ NEW ~ Available at the Flawless Sale
  • POSES: Le Poppycock ~ Funny Puppet Fair Pose {Trapped Heart, White Thread and Decayed Innocence} ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair


  • CLOCK: Roawenwood ~ Bitter Walnut Grandfather Clock (from past Home & Garden Expo – Check main store)
  • CUP & COOKIE: LISP ~ Charlotte Nerd Teacup (I resized…a lot)
  • GRAMOPHONE: Senzafine ~ Gloomy Sunday
  • WOODEN DUCKS: 22769 ~ Wood Duck (from past Home & Garden Expo – Check main store)

And for the Tuneage…… Agent Ribbons playing Chelsea, Let’s Go Join the Circus!


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Coin Operated Girl

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Coin Operated Girl

Today is the opening day of the Funny Puppet Fair on the Gold Nook sim and I must say the fabulous designers have outdone themselves! From cute and quirky to downright cool the Puppet Fair is bound to have something to put a giant smile on your face! I’ve been digging around in my bag of tricks I acquired and put together this fun image that dances on the edge of surreal. Love it!

The Funny Puppet Fair runs to June 17. Designer’s booths have exclusive items and in some cases a gift, and each designer has created an exclusive item for the 10L bazaar at the event. So get your marionette strings untangled and mannequin joints well greased, there is no better time than the present to get dolled up!

More awesomeness to come……



  • OUTFIT: Lil’Gem’s ~ Funny Puppet Fair Special 1 ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair
  • PANDA: LavandaChic~ Cute Fabric Panda for your Head ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair
  • HEELS: Grim Bros – Dahlia Heels {Black}
  • HAIR: D!va Hair ~ Vivienne Type A {Moonstone}
  • MAKEUP: Snatch ~ Raggedy Makeup (Doll Skin) – Lucky Chair Item (In Make Any Skin Goth Makeups Set)
  • EYELASHES: Clemmm – Waltz’s Veins & Lashes from Eyes ~ NEW ~ from Limited Bazaar
  • BELLY PIERCING: Phoebe ~ Sweet Heart Belly Piercing Mesh ~ NEW ~ Available at the Flawless Sale & Hunt (Hunt gift: Hint look for a Strawberry in Pheobe’s stand)
  • PARASOL: Le Poppycock ~ Parasol ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair
  • NECKLACE: Lark ~ Sweet Dreams Kitty Necklace ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair
  • POSE: Le Poppycock ~ Funny Puppet Fair Pose ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair
  • PURSE: Pure Poison ~ Cute Panda Bag ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair
  • DOG : BSD Design Studio ~ Mr.Sparkie on Ground {Large} ~ NEW ~ Available at the Funny Puppet Fair


And since no one sings it better than the Dresden Dolls…. well that, and the fact that I have been singing this in my head for the last hour while editing the photo *smirk* …. here is some Tuneage!

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