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Those Mad Girls of F*cking Ninjas have released this amazing prop and pose set aptly called, Temptation. The poses are incredibly fluid and I love the curvaceousness of the female pose in the tree. This story is a darkened version of a tale that has been told throughout centuries of a temptation that was taken which has forever darkened the soul. A betrayal that burns so deep it seems to affect all of mankind and each tear shed in remembrance of the forbidden act rips one from believing there is anything good left in humanity. A jolt of reality… a broken heart… a mass of shadowy torment lay in the wake….and a smug sprite that continues with destructive and manipulative ways…. selfishly gloating….self absorbed…lost in ego… we are only human after all.




  • TOP: Cheerno ~ Deuil Murv (Item is in clearance room for 50L)
  • LOIN CLOTH: Na’vi Bliss ~ Flicker Loin
  • HAIR: Exile ~ AJ {Sable}
  • HORNS: Illusions ~ Nivicola Horns
  • FACE TATTOO: White Widow ~ July Men Gift ~ Free Group Gift ~


  • F*cking Ninjas ~ Temptation (2 Person) Pose with Tree + Apple ~ NEW ~


Good (Adam & Eve) by Matthew West and Leigh Nash from Sixpence None The Richer

Can you hear us cry… wishing we could turn back time?

If I could, I’d rewrite history

I’d choose differently; if I could, I would

I’d leave out the part where I broke your heart

in the garden’s shade, fix the mess I made

If I could, I would


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