Memories of Earth Day 2013

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Earth Day 2013

We spent Earth Day in the beautiful mountains and then came home and celebrated with our Second Life friends and Pre-Release!!! I found this poem while on a wooded trail and wanted to share it here. Hope you had a great Earth Day!


Earth Day

I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.
Each blade of grass,
Each honey tree,
Each bit of mud,
And stick and stone
Is blood and muscle,
Skin and bone.

And just as I
Need every bit
Of me to make
My body fit,
So Earth needs
Grass and stone and tree
And things that grow here

That’s why we
Celebrate this day.
That’s why across
The world we say:
As long as life,
As dear, as free,
I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.

Jane Yolen
Earth Day Copyright © 1995 by Jane Yolen.







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The Intoxicated Pirates of the Not So Caribbean

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Pirate Duchess

The vast ocean called and we hit the sea and headed off to the place where our hearts longed to be… white sand, rum and music filled breezes. Intoxicating! Jacques Cousteau was dead on when he said, “the sea…. once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Ah the pirates life for me!

Railing Closer

A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.

~ Honore de Balzac ~

On a recent trip to Cog & Grog Freebies, an entire shop filled with all the pirate loot you could fathom, I got a little carried away and ended up with a fleet of the most beautiful pirate ships! Cog and Grog shares all the creations used for the construction of Freeport Township of Flotsam at this tiny shop. The items are full perm, free and fun! Thanks Aley, Arcadia and Briony! If you happen to plunder their wares be sure to give some love to the tip jar!

gopu Duchess PirateWheel

My pirate treasures became my inspiration for the “50 Shades of Sexy” challenge this week with a very appropriate theme of “Intoxicate Me.” Not all treasure is silver and gold….. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!!


Not just the Spanish Main, love. The entire ocean. The entire wo’ld. Wherever we want to go, we’ll go. That’s what a ship is, you know. It’s not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails,

that’s what a ship needs but what a ship is… what it is… is freedom. 

~ Capt. Gopu Aulder ~

Blacklace’s new lingerie set, Rousing, was the perfect attire for my intoxicatingly sexy self. The chocolate color gave a sense of time that I offset with an adorable vintage necklace from League that actually works! In keeping with my Cog & Grog mindset I chose a pair of Victorian granny heeled shoes from Grim Bros. (Any excuse to shop at Grim is a good excuse!) And topping it all off is hair by D!va that is absolutely perfect in every way (and free!!! wth!) Marisa is quickly becoming one of my favorite SL hair designers of all times!

Arrr Mateys! Until we meet again!!! Happy Shopping!


  • LINGERIE: Blacklace – Rousing (Chocolate) – NEW

  • SHOES: Grim Bros. – Dahlia (Black)

  • HAIR: D!va Hair – Mana (Cat’s Eye) –FREE (Group Gift – 15000)

  • BRACELETS: Earthstones – Dazzle Bracelet (Diamond/Sapphire) and Siobhan Bracelet & Ring Set – NEW

  • NECKLACE & EARRINGS: League – Vintage Clock Necklace

  • RING: On a Lark – Lover’s Ring Hers: My Heart Belongs to Him – NEW – (30L Saturday March 2nd)

  • SKIN: League – Isla Pale Deep Smoke – LATEST RELEASE(Brunette)

  • LIPSTICK: League – Isla Lipstick – NEW(Pink Champagne)

  • POSES: Chanimations, Lost World, Magnifique

  • PIRATE SHIP & PROPS: Cog & Grog Freebies – FREE


  • OUTFIT: Avid – Dark Lazarus
  • RING: On a Lark – Lover’s Ring His: My Heart Belongs to Her – NEW – (30L Saturday March 2nd)

  • HAIR: Wasabi Pills – Roy Hair (Night Shadow)

  • SKIN: REDGRAVE – Edward (Tan) – NEW

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Tainted Love & My Devious Mind

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“The artist is a receptacle for the emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” Pablo Picasso.


Life can be such a mess of entanglement and entrapment. This last week for me has been a roller coaster of emotions and sticky webs…. the prop was just perfect for my resurfacing to reality. As now, I am in control of the web and those who venture into can only succumb to my alluring enticement. *Grins

This spider web prop from *chanimations @ deviousMind has the most delicious poses; I doubt a bad photo could be taken. The web hangs in the corner of my personal cabaret and has provided countless hours of amusement for visitors and memorable photo ops. The menu driven poses are silky smooth and seductive. There is nothing sexier then getting tangled in this web.

This gorgeous outfit from Avid is well designed and the leather is ultra realistic. The entire ensemble has numerous wearing options and attachments and even includes boots. Nikita Fride’s Spider Skin is flawlessly beautiful and the web on the face even appears dimensional as it stretches from the nose to the cheek. I love the bouncy thickness of the Spider Queen hair!  This style would look stunning with an evening dress.

My dazzling friend, Makayla Mellison, is wearing a striking lingerie set from Insolence. The lace is delicate and is so incredibly detailed; you would almost think it was a prim item. I love how the bra does not just cover the breast but enhances them in a sagacious fashion. I would never have thought that beige could be this bold. Yum!

Duchess Flux Is Wearing:

  • OUTFIT: Avid – Soul Reaper
  • BOOTS: BAX – Ankle Boots (Black Patent)
  • SKIN: Nikita Fride – SkinStar 2 – Spider (Less Oil)
  • HAIR: Nikita Fride – Spider Queen (Chantilly)
  • EYELASHES: Talon Faire – Scent-sational Joy Eyelashes
  • BRACELET: EarthStones – Dazzle Bracelet – Sapphire
  • WEB PROP & POSES: *chanimations @ deviousMind – Set 22 – “Tainted Love”


Makayla Mellison Is Wearing:

  • LINGERIE – Insolence – Deborah – Embroidered in Beige
  • SKIN –  Tuli  – Eva tone 5/bl – (Dec VIP Gift)
  • HAIR: – Edelstore – Fanny (Brown)
  • TATTOOS: – Kandahar 2.0 (shadows) GOK by Garden of Ku
  • SHOES: –  Insolence – Lucia  (black heels)


“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott.

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