Waking Minerva

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The Arcade Photography Contest - Duchess Flux

Waking Minerva” takes us to ancient Rome and into the vast heavens that house the gods and goddesses. Unicorns greet each day with a rainbow and carefully awake the sleeping Minerva to bring forth knowledge to the masses and spawn creativity among the artists.

I created the image for the Arcade Gacha Photography Contest ….. It didn’t really come out how I intended… but what really ever does 😛 I wanted more strength coming from the unicorn and looking at it now I should have possibly added fog to bring it all together and activate it more. I challenge myself to not use any sort of photo manipulation during processing…. so everything you see in most of my images is exactly what I see in Second Life….such a purist. Maybe I will try this one again since I like the theme and adore this new pose by elephante poses!

Edited to Add ~  Take Two: Changed the image to one with fog… 🙂




Ani Difranco’s “Minerva” off “knuckle down” for your listening pleasure……

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