Dancing with David

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Dancing with David

Welcome to my fae realm. A world where you float effortlessly hanging on a cherished poem and time has no hold on life. Soft footsteps tread the warm soil and the forest is a musical celebration of buzzing wings and playful fae. Where only beauty is found in nature and the earth is alive with effervescent glowing lights. A place where life begins and ends, only to begin anew. A universe where my brother still dances and I can hear his contagious laugh.

Fantasy Faire is winding down and I can’t help but wonder why the festivities are packed into a short week. I have always been bad with “good-byes” and the last one to leave the party so this feeling is not unusual for me…. There is still the weekend and plenty more events scheduled for us to participate. On a better note, the Faire has raised over 5 million lindens for Relay for Life!!!! I have a load more poses from F*cking Ninjas (Fantasy Fair) and elephante poses (Pre-Release) so there is sure to be more shenanigans at play!

Conjure the Magic! Finish the Fight!

Images Dedicated to David. My Heart. My Smile. My Soul. Namaste.


Key of Hope Hunt has started and ends on April 28th. Complete the first part of the hunt to gain the Talisman. The Final Chapter of the Hunt will be available on the grid for one month to give more people a chance to complete it and win amazing prizes.

The Key of Hope Hunt: The Story

The Key of Hope Hunt How to Play 



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