Kneel Before Your Lady

April 21, 2013 at 8:17 pm (Fantasy Faire, Zodiac Event) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

Another fun filled day of fantasy and frolic courtesy of the Fantasy Faire! After a bit of shopping Gopu and I ventured to The Looking Glass and marveled at the extreme attention to detail the artists employed when designing every square inch of this beautiful sim. The day before we were able to rezz pose balls, but unfortunately that option was turned off today much to my dismay, so we ventured to Carnivale and put her ruins to good use.
My Knight in Shinning Armor

The dress I am wearing by the muses is stunning, absolutely stunning. I actually happened upon it quite by accident as I originally purchased another dress by the muses that never arrived. The detailed textures and the fabrics are impeccable. Fingers crossed that the other dress arrives soon, I am dying to get it on now!
Kneel Before Your Lady

It wouldn’t be a Fantasy Faire day without F*cking Ninjas! This pose, For my Damsel, comes with the sword and was exclusively created for Fantasy Faire. The sword lays across your knight in shining armor’s shoulder as he kneels before his one true lady. *smitten*. Stay tuned as Gopu and I bring out the ninja magic for the next eight days. Currently Gopu wants to slay a Bambi in the next shoot…..shudders…. so there is no telling what is in store!

Conjure the Magic! Finish the Fight!

Images Dedicated to David. My Heart. My Smile. My Soul. Namaste.




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